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Or Instant Message us your Samsung TV Model and a brief description of the issues you are experiencing. Check the sticker on the back of your Samsung TV (or your user manual) for the model number. If you can’t locate this info, tell us the approximate age of your Samsung and the size of the screen. We’ll go from there.

Photos can be helpful diagnosing Samsung TV issues. If you have a smart-phone with a camera, you can attach a few pictures with your TV info if you feel it could be helpful.


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We service and repair more Samsung's than any other brand of Television made. Samsung Televisions are popular. Many of the models we repair are five years and older. We believe that the older generation of TV's are well worth owning, and repairing. What attributes to this opinion is simple. It's the manufacturing process of the older (and newer) Samsung TV's.

Televisions built today (and generally over past three years) are built differently. The TV manufacturing process coming from China, Japan, South Korea (South-East Asia) has changed. Certain features that are common to both older Samsung's and the newer models are implemented differently. The components inside the latest and greatest TV's are compacted. There are less individual repairable parts that can be repaired individually. If a problem arises on a newer Samsung, the repair may require the replacement of a whole board. Depending on the extent of the TV issues, at times it can be as expensive as buying a new TV (based on screen size and model). Call us with your Samsung model number and a description of the issues your TV is experiencing. We'll help you decide if it's economically repairable. We Keep Samsung Smart TV Smart! ◊ Call Our Tech Support To Discuss Your Best Options


What We Do.

We bring our test equipment, the required tools and the parts deemed necessary to repair your Samsung TV right in your home or office. If your Television requires servicing that cannot be done on site, upon your request, we can transport it to our Tech Support Shop. We offer loaner TV's when an extended period may be required based on a parts order for example. You Don't Have To Miss A Favorite TV Series. All The Way... We've Got You Covered !

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Samsung Plasma TV Model FPT5084X/XAA Samsung HD TV Model HLT5075SX/XAA
Samsung HD TV Model LN32A550P3F Samsung LED TV Model un32eh5300fxza
Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A580P6F Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A580P6F
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN64E8000GFXZA Samsung HD TV Model HLN5065WX/XAA
Samsung LED TV Model LN52B750U1FXZA Samsung CRT TV Model LN32A550P3FXZA
Samsung TV Model HP-S4253 Samsung LCD TV Model LNT4661F
Samsung LED TV Model UN55C7000WF Samsung HD TV Model hl56a650cifxza
Samsung LED TV Model HLT6187SAX/XAA Samsung LED TV Model UN556050 TF
Samsung LED TV Model UN46FH6040FXZA Samsung LED TV Model UN40D6420UFXZA
Samsung LCD TV Model LN40D630M3F Samsung HD TV Model HLR717WX/XAA
Samsung TV Model LN32C350 Samsung Plasma TV Model HPT5054X/XAA
Samsung LCD TV Model LN 32C450E1DXZA Samsung HD TV Model HLN567W
Samsung DLP TV Model HLT6756WX/XA Samsung TV Model ln46D550K1f
Samsung LED TV Model LN46A530P1FXA Samsung LCD TV Model LN40A500T1F
Samsung DLP TV Model HL61A750A1FXZA Samsung HD TV Model HLN437W
Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T4665F Samsung LED TV Model Sps4243
Samsung Plasma TV Model HL-T6187SA Samsung LCD TV Model un55b8000xf
Samsung Flat Panel TV Model 4254X/XAA Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50A510PEFXZA
Samsung LCD TV Model zn46d550k1fxza Samsung LCD TV Model Series 6
Samsung DLP TV Model HL-T5687S Samsung Plasma TV Model PN51D8000
Samsung LCD TV Model UN26EH4000f Samsung HD TV Model HLP4663
Samsung DLP TV Model HL61A650C1FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model pn63c590g4f
Samsung LCD TV Model LN52b550K1FXZA Samsung TV Model UN60EH6050F
Samsung LCD TV Model LN37B550K1 Samsung LCD TV Model ln46c30k1fx2a
Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A630 Samsung LCD TV Model LN32C3501D
Samsung DLP TV Model HL61A510J1F Samsung LCD TV Model UN46C8000XFXZA
Samsung DLP TV Model HL67A750A1FXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN32A450C1D
Samsung LCD TV Model ln32a330j1d Samsung LED TV Model 6350
Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A630M1FXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN-R408D
Samsung LED TV Model un60d7000vf Samsung LED TV Model HL-R5067W
Samsung Plasma TV Model HPT5064X/XAA Samsung TV Model HPT4254X/XAA
Samsung Plasma TV Model pn50c7000 Samsung TV Model UN46EH5300FXZA
Samsung TV Model PN43D450 A2D Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50B850
Samsung HD TV Model HLT 5075SX/XAA Samsung TV Model LN40B530P7N
Samsung TV Model ln52a650a1f Samsung Plasma TV Model HPS5073
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN58B660T2F Samsung LED TV Model s20a350b
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN63C8000 Samsung LCD TV Model un46b8000xf
Samsung LED TV Model UN46EH5300 Samsung Plasma TV Model hpr4272
Samsung TV Model LN-S4695D Samsung Plasma TV Model PN43E450A1F
Samsung HD TV Model HL-R4667W Samsung TV Model hLs6187wx/xaa
Samsung LCD TV Model hlt5167 Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50C550G1F
Samsung LCD TV Model 750 Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A540P2F
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50A550S1FXZA Samsung LED TV Model LED Series 6 6420
Samsung LED TV Model LN55B640R3FXZA Samsung TV Model LN32B360C5DXZA
Samsung LED TV Model un55c7000wfxza Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A550 P3F
Samsung LCD TV Model UN556300SFXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN40A650A1FXZA
Samsung HD TV Model HL-56187W X/XAA Samsung LCD TV Model LN4ob54p8FXZA
Samsung TV Model LN46C530FIF Samsung LED TV Model UN60ES8000FXZA
Samsung LED TV Model LN40C630 Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A55OP3F
Samsung LED TV Model LN37A330 J1D Samsung Flat Panel TV Model hlr6178wx/xaa
Samsung HD TV Model HLS6187WX/XAA Samsung LCD TV Model LN55B640R3F
Samsung Plasma TV Model HPS5053X/XAA Samsung HD TV Model HL-S5687W
Samsung LCD TV Model UN55F9000AFXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN46B650T1F
Samsung LCD TV Model LN40D630M3FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50C680
Samsung LED TV Model UN55D8000 Samsung HD TV Model HL-P4663W
Samsung LED TV Model LN-S46928 Samsung HD TV Model hln617w
Samsung HD TV Model HLS5687W Samsung LCD TV Model Ln40b610a5sxza
Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T5265F Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T4671F
Samsung HD TV Model HLS5687WX/XAA Samsung LED TV Model UN46D6300SFXZA
Samsung LED TV Model UN55D8000YFXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50B650S1FXZA
Samsung HD TV Model HL61A750A1FX2A Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A860S2F
Samsung DLP TV Model LNS2738DX/XAA Samsung TV Model hl-r6178w
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50a450P1DXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LNT4669F
Samsung HD TV Model HL-T6187Ssa Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A540 P2
Samsung HD TV Model HL-R5087 Samsung HD TV Model HLN617W1X/XAA
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN43D450A2DXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A850S1F S
Samsung LED TV Model UN40D5003BF Samsung LED TV Model Un60d6000sf
Samsung Plasma TV Model pn51d550c1fxza Samsung TV Model HL67A510J1F
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN51D530A3FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model HP-54253
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN58C540 Samsung Plasma TV Model HP-S5053
Samsung TV Model PN59D7000 Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A550P3F
Samsung LCD TV Model LN40A650AIF Samsung HD TV Model HLR6167 WA/XAA
Samsung TV Model un55b6000vf Samsung LED TV Model UN46C8000XF
Samsung LCD TV Model SQ02 Samsung Plasma TV Model HTP5054X/XAA
Samsung Plasma TV Model HP-T4254 Samsung LED TV Model UN65F8000
Samsung LED TV Model LN32A330J1DXZA Samsung HD TV Model HL67A750A1F
Samsung LED TV Model UN60EH6003F Samsung HD TV Model HL-56767W
Samsung LCD TV Model LN52A750R1FXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A500T1F
Samsung LCD TV Model ln55c630 Samsung TV Model DLP 60
Samsung TV Model LN46A650A1FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model PN 50C450
Samsung LED TV Model Un46d6900wfxza Samsung LED TV Model UN46B6000
Samsung HD TV Model HL-S6187w Samsung LED TV Model UN60ES7500
Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A750R1FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model Pn50c7000yf
Samsung TV Model HLP6163 Samsung LED TV Model UN46C4600RFXZA
Samsung HD TV Model HC - R5667W Samsung HD TV Model HLS6187wxaa
Samsung HD TV Model HLR5067WAX/XAA Samsung LED TV Model UN55ES7500
Samsung TV Model HLN617WX Samsung LCD TV Model LNT5271FX/XAA
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN50C550G1FXZA Samsung Plasma TV Model FP-T5084
Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T4669F Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T5271F
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN60E6500EFXZA Samsung LED TV Model 8000
Samsung LED TV Model UN55F8000BF Samsung TV Model LN-S4051D
Samsung LCD TV Model LN40B540P8FXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN37B650T1FXZA
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN60E550D1FXZA Samsung HD TV Model HLN437WX/XAA
Samsung LCD TV Model Lns4051d Samsung LCD TV Model SyncMaster B2230 HD
Samsung Plasma TV Model PN 50 Samsung LCD TV Model Ln408750u1fxza
Samsung LCD TV Model LN32A540P20 Samsung LCD TV Model LN46C650L1FXZA
Samsung LED TV Model un40es6100f Samsung HD TV Model HLN4365W
Samsung LCD TV Model LNS4051DX/XAA Samsung LED TV Model UN55B8000
Samsung LCD TV Model LN32A450C1DXZA Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A550P3FXZA
Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A550P3F8 Samsung HD TV Model 61.55 HD3
Samsung Plasma TV Model pn59d530a3f Samsung Plasma TV Model PN59D8000FF
Samsung CRT TV Model HT-X70 Samsung Plasma TV Model 900000
Samsung LED TV Model UN46B8500 Samsung LED TV Model un46d6050tfx
Samsung LED TV Model UN55ES8000 Samsung LCD TV Model DNle
Samsung LED TV Model un55b7100wfxza Samsung TV Model LN40B610A5F
Samsung Plasma TV Model pn51d530A3f Samsung LCD TV Model LN 46A550 P3F
Samsung LED TV Model LN46D630M3F Samsung HD TV Model hls5086wx/xaa
Samsung LCD TV Model LN-T4071F Samsung TV Model HL-P5085W
Samsung LCD TV Model Ln40a550p3f Samsung Plasma TV Model PN58C6400TFXZA
Samsung LCD TV Model LN40B530P7F Samsung LCD TV Model UN55C6400RFXZA
Samsung HD TV Model HL-P6163w Samsung HD TV Model hls5087w
Samsung HD TV Model HLT5075SX/XAA Samsung LCD TV Model LN46B640
Samsung LED TV Model un32eh5300fxza Samsung LCD TV Model HL-T6756W
Samsung LCD TV Model LN46A580P6F Samsung Plasma TV Model PN58A550S1F


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