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TV Tips. Protecting Your TV From Dangerous Power Outages, Power Brown Outs and Voltage Swings... Express TV Repair Tech Support addresses the issues.

You've just repaired your Flat Screen TV... Or you just brought home a new TV treasure built by our friends in South East Asia. Now what? We have a suggestion that's well worth the read. Put your TV and the rest of your home entertainment investment on a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Suppose your in the middle of your favorite TV show... Your in the kitchen tending the pop-corn on the stove when all of a sudden the power to the house goes on and off. Not just once, but three times, maybe it was four?... back to back in less than 12 seconds. You think, wow that was crazy! Then the lights dim a few times. You thought is was over, only to end up with the power to your home totally off. Your standing in the dark...

Your pop-corn may be done, and most likely... so is your TV!

We take between twenty-five and thirty incoming TV Repair inquiries per day. We've heard various versions of the aforementioned scenario a zillion times. You need to protect your TV! Read on.

If the situation above has ever happened to you, then you know first hand what it's like to have power issues. Hopefully, you were lucky and your TV made it out alive! It doesn't have to be this way. Your TV does not have to be subjected to power issues.

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is not one of those little strips on the floor that hopefully protects what ever you've got plugged into it. IT'S WAY MORE! Yes, it will in fact do its job and keep your TV protected from voltage issues-spikes- However, the UPS will completely allow your TV (and anything else you've got plugged into it) to totally ignore the power failure. If your TV only went off once, you could have been ok. But more often then not, power outages can cause several "on and offs" so fast, you don't even see it happen. It can strike havoc on  TV's and anything that was on at the time. All appliances are subject to issues. TV Tip...

The UPS below is under $200 (street price about $165). It can "Keep Your TV On" for up to two hours. The TV will ignore the power outage and the "brown out flashes" that happen in between. It will also protect your TV against line spikes/voltage swings. You'll have time to shut your TV off as you normally would. If you were in the shower, your TV would stay on until you could dry off and get to it, totally ignoring the power issue until either the power came back on, or you shut it off. Either way, the little box below may have just saved you thousands of dollars, not to mention hassle you don't need. Taking a huge TV off the wall for repair is no fun. We personally own a couple of the ones shown below. Check out the video clip, it's a good overview of the box.

Reach Out. We're Here To Help!

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Watch The Video Below! Protect Your Home Entertainment Investment.

Uninteruptable Power Supply For Your LCD, LED, DLP HD, Plasma or Big Screen TV.

Who Makes The Best New TV?


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 Who Makes The Best New TV is a tough question. From our stand point, we find it difficult to recommend any specific manufacturer. The industry and the technology is constantly going through changes. We are at a place whereby the manufacturing process of the new generation of televisions (the last three years or so) has drastically changed. New TV's are more compact, internal components that used to be separately accessible are now combined on internal boards. New TV's are much lighter. Generally, we have found that the heavier a TV is, the better it is built. This of course can be said about a lot of things.

If your TV is a Projection/Rear Projection or a DLP TV, you know what were talking about when we refer to the "heavier" televisions. As previously mentioned, the process to which newer TV's are currently being manufactured has changed. From a TV repair standpoint, we don't necessarily feel it's been for the better. So if the question about "Who Makes The Best TV" entails "How easily and cost effectively it can be repaired" (they do break); Then we believe they are all about the same. Nobody wins. We also feel that the previous generation of televisions (from a repair standpoint) are better TV's.

Since most people don't factor in the "maintenance & repair" aspect of a new TV... or when considering a TV purchase... we recommend the following: Buy something that meets your budget, physical and features requirements, buy all the warranty you can afford, and Save The Box! Your gonna' need it. There is also a number of things you can do to cover yourself with regards to unnecessary future repair issues- Issues that could be for the most part easily avoided...

Give us a call if you'd like to know more. We're always happy to chat!

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